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  • Laboratory, 30-100 l small multi-function dispersed emulsion homogeneous cans


    Product details

    Laboratory 30-100L mini-emulsion homogeneous dispersion tank - Homogeneous dispersion grinding jars - grinding machine multifunction homomixer primarily through a homogenizer and pipeline mill of single or multi-channel reflow process to a single tank or double Repeated and continuous operation of the tank automatically ultrafine grinding, high shear homogenizer, crushing, dispersing, mixing and stirring run online, and you can control the flow of materials through a pipe-line control valve so that the processing of liquid material in the emulsion tank and grinding Hybrid deployment jars body (mezzanine liner can pass cold, heat conductor heated condensation; stainless steel cans in the outer wall for polishing process) between each cycle of operation of the working mechanism and low speed blender mixer stirring and high speed stabilizing and may be who make a variety of materials with grading disperse the material, mixing material evenly, dispersing, emulsifying, grinding, mixing, grinding, mixing and other manipulation to the introduction of direct discharge to improve the mechanization of production, and through temperature controller, cabinet composed of integration, intelligent. Having automatic temperature control and other functions using an integrated combination.
    Machine structure:
    Experimental models, production models of the general configuration:
    1, the inlet cover open the way: the closure to do half-opening, manhole flange type and enclosed;
    2, high-shear dispersing emulsifier (clearance type) emulsion allows material dispersed emulsion mixed to the full;
    3, through the control valve so that the material circulating pipes single or multiple loop process
    4, the working mechanism of the mixer stirred at low speed and high speed stirrer stabilizing and makes the material more evenly dispersed
    5, the tank lid from the tank body: divided into single or mezzanine (can be designed according to the specific requirements and processes)
    6, homomixer pipeline mill (grinding pumps) and electronic control cabinets and other equipment for the automatic device consistency
          Milk food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries: Fire slurry coating, fire-retardant material ,, textiles, viscose, white carbon, Chinese medicine preparation, Western medicine, beverages, toothpaste, adhesives, asphalt, coating materials, fire retardant paint, wallpaper coatings, leather slurry, suspensions, additives, vegetable protein, grease, synthetic resin, titanium dioxide, carbon black, activated carbon, emulsified oil, condiments, salad dressing, emulsified **** emulsified asphalt, candy and other areas of applied emulsions, suspensions milk was pink and cream and other liquid ingredients and University Laboratory, biochemical research, pharmaceutical research experiments, pilot and production equipment ideal.
    Pilot type colloid mill
          JTM65 / JTM80 / JTM90 (JM series) as pilot-type colloid mill and small to medium sized multi-purpose high shear homomixer grinding unit - Automatic colloid mill (automatic control module includes a PH value, temperature, speed, flow, circulation, timing, quantitative, reflux and other systems) Technical parameters: Power 2.2-4KW, speed 0-4000rpm, line speed 0-50m / s, voltage 220V / 380V / 415V, the machine output from 0 to 1200 l / h (water) weight 45-78KG, JTM-W65; JTM-W80; JTM-W90 size (LWH) ((450X250X350) MM, JTM-L65; JTM-L80; JTM-L90 common type: Dimensions (LWH) (( 450X250X750) MM, JTM-LB65; JTM-LB80; JTM-LB90 Boutique: Size (LWH) ((450X250X750) MM, JTM-2 using a double mechanical seal, non-stop 24-hour continuous production, and through cooling water cooled seal portion through conversion module, can achieve multi-purpose mechanical seal and mechanical design meets 3A health standards, is the best choice for pilot and small-scale volume production.

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