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  • High shear emulsifying grinding unit with double tank model


    Product details

    Homogeneous dispersion grinding jar - versatile high-shear emulsion homogeneous grinding unit (Multi-emulsifying grinding unit, multifunction emulsion homogeneous polishing units) - titanium white pulp ultrafine particles of carbon black after treatment equipment: Hao Star CN. HAOSTAR brand HSS-30, HSS-50, HSS100, HSS200, HSS300, HSS500, HSS1000, HSS2000, HSS3000 and other single and dual Group 1 Series 2 Series of multi-function units to high shear emulsification grinding unit (experimental models, production models ) is a company patents and new scientific and technological achievements of new products, innovative design, easy operation, compact structure, health and environmental protection.
    How it works:
          Homogeneous dispersion grinding jar is emulsified grinding jar, mix the deployment of tanks, high shear dispersing emulsifying machine, grinding machine, grinding or pipeline pump, a colloid mill, homogenizer, mixer, automatic temperature control and the deployment of tanks and other system devices. Mainly through the homogenizer and online grinder (pipeline pump or a colloid mill) in single-channel or multi-channel reflow process to run continuously repeated single tank or double tank and automatically ultrafine grinding, high shear homogenizer, broken , dispersing, mixing and stirring run online, and you can control the flow of materials through a pipe-line control valve so that the processing of liquid material between the emulsion tank and mixed deployment of tanks grinding operation of each cycle and the low-speed stirring mixer and agitator speed dispersed binding mechanism can work with a variety of materials by grade disperse the material, mixing material evenly, dispersing, emulsifying, grinding, mixing, grinding, mixing and other manipulation to the introduction of direct discharge to improve the mechanization of production, and through temperature controller, electric control cabinets integrated, intelligent self-oriented combination of high shear homomixer versatile grinding unit.
    Machine structure:
          The series type device dimensions and electrical power and other technical data, according to user requirements, according to the production process, operating conditions, plant height, the actual situation of the tank fittings process equipment openings, motor power, stirring speed and other requirements for manufacturing .
    Purpose: This equipment is the introduction of foreign (hard) soft capsule equipment and technology, according to the domestic (hard) soft capsule medicine production to actual needs, to design, is a capsule gelled, ingredients, vacuum, condensation and other production process steps in special equipment. The device in accordance with the GMP "People's Republic of China pharmaceutical industry standard", according to the capsule medicated tank (device, barrels) Q / WRJ01-2002 other technical standards for manufacturing.
          The series uses single or double models can be based on fluid conditions, may apply to the forward and reverse multi-reflux dispersion was stirred by supporting the operation gear assembly, compact, smooth transmission, stable performance. Emulsified homogeneous grinding effect is good, overall refining made from stainless steel, tanks with tank, heating jacket, insulation jacket until the three-layer structure, a colloid mill or line mill pump may require the use of stainless steel or alloy steel media and other materials The disc, by circulating hot water tank is heated, with fast heating, high insulation properties, can improve the quality of the glue and accelerate the glue melted shortening gel time, enclosed interior, good vacuum performance. Full compliance with national health standards GMP requirements, the pharmaceutical industry as a gelling capsule, ingredients, vacuum homogenize the ideal equipment.
          Experimental models, production models of the general configuration:
          1, the inlet cover open the way: the closure to do half-opening, manhole flange type and enclosed;
          2, high-shear dispersing emulsifier (clearance type) emulsion allows material dispersed emulsion mixed to the full;
          3, through the control valve so that the material circulating pipes single or multiple loop process
          4, the working mechanism of the mixer stirred at low speed and high speed stirrer stabilizing and makes the material more evenly dispersed
          5, the tank lid from the tank body: divided into single or mezzanine (can be designed according to the specific requirements and processes)
          6, homomixer pipeline mill (grinding pumps) and electronic control cabinets and other equipment for the automatic device consistency
          Milk food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries: Fire slurry coating, fire-retardant material ,, textiles, viscose, white carbon, Chinese medicine preparation, Western medicine, beverages, toothpaste, adhesives, asphalt, coating materials, fire retardant paint, wallpaper paint, leather slurry, suspensions, additives, vegetable protein, grease, synthetic resin, titanium dioxide, carbon black, activated carbon, emulsified oil, condiments, salad dressing, emulsion coatings, emulsified asphalt, candy, emulsions, suspensions milk composition, cream, pink liquid ingredients, novel colloidal materials and key laboratories in universities, biochemical research, pharmaceutical research experiments, pilot and production equipment ideal.

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