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  • Silica colloid mill (ultra high speed hit Pump)

    白炭黑膠體磨(超高速打漿泵、耐腐蝕耐磨研磨泵)、鈦白炭黑膠體磨、白炭黑研磨機、研磨泵、耐磨泵、耐腐蝕耐磨膠體泵、鈦白炭黑打漿分散包膜后處理成套設備 昊星公司鈦白炭黑膠體磨,研磨泵,研磨機采用ZL2019218125090、2019218123521、2019218124774等專利新技術結構設計,…

    Product details

         Silica colloid mill (ultra high speed play pump, pump abrasive wear resistance, corrosion resistance), titanium dioxide colloid mill carbon black, silica grinding machine, grinding pump, pump wear, corrosion wear colloid pump, titanium white carbon black After beating the dispersion coating treatment equipment
          Hao Star Titanium black colloid mill, grinding pump, grinder unique design, superb processing technology, with independent property rights more than 20 Chinese patents, patent award-winning new product, the first application of deep processing of titanium dioxide on carbon black production technology prospects widely
          With the current Chinese titanium dioxide market heating up, titanium dioxide, silica, high intermediate upscale block times, in short supply. Market competition and value-added effect, driven by profit, titanium dioxide, carbon black, high-grade paint manufacturers not only to check the production process, but also the titanium dioxide, silica after crude processing work done perfect, titanium dioxide, After the technological transformation of the production process pigment grade carbon black contour bound not for, particularly titanium dioxide regardless of sulfuric acid obtained from the calcination kiln after obtaining titanium oxide chloride process also generally can not use as a pigment, usually it takes its direct treatment to improve certain properties of titanium dioxide, such as improving weather resistance, improved wettability different solvent dispersion, improved hiding power, gloss, etc., at this time, people rarely mention grinding equipment just to show their talents. Indeed, in recent years with the expansion of applications of titanium dioxide and titanium dioxide product quality and consumer requirements continue to increase, without post-processing crude titanium dioxide can no longer arouse consumer desire to purchase, on the contrary, after the handler Seiko secret agents titanium dioxide , black high-grade pigment products, though crude prices much more expensive, but more and more by consumers than it is, with an active, envelope, extinction, add bright post-processing equipment is indispensable.
          Titanium dioxide and silica is the industry best white pigment and adhesives, are widely used in paints, plastics, rubber, paper, ceramics, cosmetics and textile industry. Wherein the rutile titanium dioxide anatase type titanium dioxide having a relatively higher weather resistance, but rutile type titanium dioxide remains photoactive surface defects, in order to improve the quality of the finished titanium dioxide, coated surface must be treated before TiO2 coated requirements particles having good dispersibility, dispersion must be beaten to improve its dispersibility. Beating the dispersion step as a prelude to the work surface treatment, titanium dioxide and silica modified position is very important. Titanium dioxide and modified silica and its main process: First, from the start of titanium concentrate, hoist, Raymond machine or mill, warehouse tanks, pumps and other wear-resistant; acid solution aspect, slag metering tank, sulfuric acid metering tank, acid hydrolysis and acid hydrolysis pot pot equipment; crude titanium solution productions, sedimentation tanks, filter press (There are also some manufacturers use sophisticated filtering equipment); separation of vacuum crystallization equipment, disc filtration device (currently yielding increase rate, some manufacturers use a centrifuge to collect the residual titanium ferrous sulfate); sophisticated filters, filter; concentrate the process, the vacuum film concentrator; after that seed preparation and hydrolysis aspect of equipment, basically, large and small Various reaction tank, the specific requirements for hydrolysis process may be; cooling, currently more water cooler; after entering the water, the second wash, salt processing and crushing, calcination, specific equipment is used frame filter, salt treatment pot, brick; refined aspect, hoist, Raymond (or rolling mill, ball mill, jet mill, colloid wear pumps, heterogeneous machines, etc.), titanium dioxide Grinder (titanium white black colloid mill)

     Titanium dioxide colloid mill (Titanium black colloid mill) also applies to silica production process:
     Water quenching water through water quenching water filter device to remove mechanical impurities, the filtrate water quenching water into the reservoir. Then pumped to a tank and reactor water glass configuration.
     Water glass workshop director sent into the water glass water glass liquid tank configuration, adding an appropriate amount of water of sodium silicate solution and process water quenched steel. After an additional precipitate was removed by filtration through a filter press, pumped by a sodium silicate waterglass intermediate metering tank, metered, and then pumped into the reactor water glass delivery.
    Concentrated sulfuric acid tank car shipped, concentrated sulfuric acid into the receiving slot, the next solution is pumped to the sulfuric acid storage tank to the reactor with sulfuric acid metering pumps.
     Glass and concentrated sulfuric acid precipitation reactor, by direct steam heating, after the reaction, the reactor concentration, PH value 3-7 end, into the middle of the slurry tank, and with the slurry pump into the heat exchanger to exchange heat . To lower the temperature of the slurry. Heat backward filter slurry is filtered and washed with water, liquor drain. Slurry recovery tank for recovering the filter material and the drying process of the venturi scrubber thick paste. Wear-resistant pump (feed pump) foldback filter again recovered by filtration. The filter cake was sent by conveyor belt after beating tank titanium dioxide colloid mill (Titanium black colloid mill) beating. After beating the completion of delivery of materials to thick slurry tank pump, the pump thick dried feed drying tower, the dried product to send the product silos.
    Colloid mill (Colloid Mill Titanium black) Optional: tank, drain valve, inverter, electric control boxes, dolly
    Colloid Mill Finish: polished, abrasion treatment
    Importers link: flange, screw, clip
    Colloid mill container Optional: The equipment is suitable for containers of various sizes
    Colloid mill flow * Output - line speed - power - inlet / outlet connections - gap type * Flow depends on the setting and the characteristics of the material processed, while the flow rate can be adjusted to the maximum allowable amount of 10%.
    Table 1 refers to the upper limit of the amount of processing medium "water" measurement data.
    Requirements depends on the viscosity of the second processing material, consistency and the final product
    3 such as high temperature, high pressure, flammable, corrosive and other conditions, must provide accurate parameters for selection and customization.
    Thus, Hao Star Machinery Co., Ltd. Since the beginning of 2004 through the scientific and technological research and application to obtain State Intellectual Property Office more than 20 national patent certificates, and led the company's technology department staff using super-hard special alloy materials titanium dioxide colloid mill (silica Mill) - also known as multi-function mill pipeline, titanium dioxide slurry pumps, Titanium grinding pump (titanium dioxide feed pump, rotor mills, vertical and horizontal colloid mill, pipelined grinding pump, pump Titanium colloidal mill- dispersion milling multifunction grinding machine Titanium mill (pipe mill, grinding pumps), titanium dioxide slurry pumps (titanium dioxide feed pump, rotor mills, vertical and horizontal colloid mill, pipe mill pump, pump dispersion milling carbon black grinding pump) and titanium dioxide post-processing equipment, in fact, on titanium dioxide grinding equipment, a few years ago very few people mention, lay the equipment and those who know little more. Titanium grinding equipment really has become a hot topic since 2006 experienced a foreign pigment, titanium dioxide giants such as DuPont, NationalLead, MIC after entering the market more competitive.
          Since then, concern titanium dioxide, silica and other grinding machine, grinding pumps and post-processing equipment manufacturers --- Wenzhou Hao Star Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Hao Star Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. High-tech products, titanium dioxide colloid mill (silica grinder) JM series, grinding pump JP series put on the market at home and abroad since titanium dioxide, flame-retardant materials and carbon black plant: Haopu, simexco, titanium sea Titanium, Dong Jia Group, Gimpo Group Nanjing Titanium, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Chongqing Titanium, Titanium benefits law, in the rubber carbon black group, the black share, Zhengyu black, Suzhou Haixiang plastic industry, Arima carbon black, Haining Jinda, new fire-retardant materials volt Bath, long-term use Wujiang Silk Co., Ltd. Galaxy.
     Features: with independent intellectual property patents of new product and technology development projects incentives: for example, multi-function mill [Patent No. ZL2006200759997] mill (grinding pump) [Patent No. ZL201020687068.9] invention patent applications, a colloid mill [ Patent No. ZL200430108437.4] and using a special dynamic seal, dynamic and static wear member, the special structure of the pump high abrasion resistance, are used in a number of patented technologies, the machine is equipped with a more advanced technology of flush-cooled mechanical seal ( Patent No. ZL201020608706.3) invention patent applications, in cooling water without material dry run will not damage dynamic seal and mechanical properties, low maintenance, low friction power, grinding, dispersing fineness were <2 microns, effective, and high efficiency. The aircraft disc hardness HBC600 above, spindle speed of up to 2000-3500 rpm disc blade line speeds of up to 1200-4500 meters per minute. Mainly used for fineness demanding, difficult ground, scattered materials, completely replace the three-roll machine, imported grinding machine, sanding machine, heterogeneous machines and other equipment, HS JM (JP) -W250AC-2; HS JM (JP ) -W250AD-2 series of special models is currently the only instead of imported grinding machine or a sanding machine and successfully applied to ground preparation of titanium slag Preparation of titanium dioxide, so that the high-grade titanium dioxide (titania - active titanium dioxide), white carbon With black (silica) high-speed intermediate post-processing equipment more play, and there is similar to the above items to compare efficiency in its production several times, can greatly reduce the production cost, and uniform particles cleaning easily change color, no abrasive impurities. It can also be used to prepare coatings, paint and wallpaper, plastic additives, chemical additives, flame retardant material, adhesive, grease, white latex, also as a ceramic glaze with pumping high viscosity of the material. Therefore, this series is the production and processing of high-grade titanium dioxide paste ideal alternative to imported equipment essential machinery, can also be applied in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, soil vanadium and titanium industry, carbon black ink, yeast, plastics, adhesives, chemical fiber, silk, chemical industry, food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, titanium dioxide industry, ceramic industry, carbon black industry, bio-engineering and other fields.

    PS: After the titanium dioxide (black) Polishing Treatment Plants
    About Titanium Dioxide (black) after grinding treatment equipment development relatively late, machine workpiece and manufacturing difficulty is very high, the cost of R & D investment in research is also large, for under such circumstances the Company took the lead in the last decade of the product technical research, make full use of intellectual property rights, science and technology development projects and 10 patents of new technology uses special alloy materials research pipeline grinding pump, multi mill, colloid mill titanium dioxide (white carbon black) Post-treatment processing equipment, completely replace imported three-roll machine, grinding machine, sanding machine, heterogeneous machines and other equipment, while the company's pipeline grinding pump, multi mill, colloid mill and Titanium dioxide coated silica activity post-processing equipment ultrafine particles and titanium dioxide (silica) after grinding treatment equipment and other machinery is prepared by grinding the only instead of imported grinding machine or a sanding machine and successfully applied to titanium slag Preparation of titanium dioxide, used in the high-end activity titanium dioxide (titanium dioxide - active titanium dioxide), silica - have a greater play on (silica matting silica) of post-processing equipment, the advantages similar to the above items to compare efficiency in its production several times, can greatly reduce production costs, but the line to run continuously, uniformly dispersed particles, clean easily change color, envelope quickly without abrasive impurities. And widely used in the chemical industry, food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, titanium dioxide industry, ceramic industry, coating materials, fire-retardant material, carbon black materials, bio-engineering and other fields.
    But now our domestic grinding equipment maker and there is still a gap compared to abroad, in particular in a single species, small model, high energy consumption, low production capacity of equipment, material wear resistance is poor, short life, etc., But with the domestic carbon black, titanium dioxide, and other special milling equipment manufacturing technology continue to make breakthroughs, more and more opportunity to show his face on the market. According to China's development potential as well as its own technology development momentum of view, long before the time, after the grinding of titanium dioxide processing equipment is expected to achieve dramatic improvements in quality, or even replace the imported equipment can to a considerable extent, the development of our company and titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide Grinder After silica coated ultrafine processing activity ancillary equipment in China is of great significance.

    Titanium dioxide, carbon black powder is currently the industry best white pigment widely used in paints, plastics, rubber, paper, ceramics, cosmetics and textile industry. Wherein rutile titanium dioxide anatase titanium dioxide compared; silica (silicon dioxide) than other types of carbon black, also have a higher weather resistance, intermediate materials such as rutile titanium dioxide and other surface remains optically active defects, In order to improve the quality of the finished titanium dioxide, must be subjected to a surface coating treatment, pre-coated TiO2 particles requires a good dispersibility, dispersion must be beaten to improve its dispersibility. Beating work as a prelude to the dispersion step surface treatment, therefore, the use of titanium dioxide (carbon black) particles after the super-refinement location processing equipment and the like processing is very important.
    At the same time. Our newly developed multi-functional emulsification grinding unit (experimental, production of single-tank unit, double tank unit), carbon black, titanium white post-processing equipment ultrafine particles intended use is more fully dispersed carbon black, titanium dioxide grind reduce the viscosity of the slurry to obtain a better beating, the role of homogenizing, mixing, active envelope, extinction, weather resistance and glue, new fire-retardant materials and coating process for the preparation of energy efficiency is very significant. Major equipment from titanium mill (mill - Patent No. CN: 201020687068.9; 200620075999.7 and a number of utility model patents, patent (pending) and in 2011 the government funded science and technology development projects), filter and compensation equipment and other machinery composition, simply connect the feed line and a discharge or return line that is capable of operating in mechanized confined conditions, high degree of automation is good, is a new type dispersing, homogenizing, mixing, high shear and other functions of the ultrafine grinding titanium dioxide, carbon black, flame-retardant materials, coating paste and other post-processing equipment.
    Thus, Hao Star dioxide colloid mill (line colloid mill, silica mill, cone mill, grinding pump) after the titanium dioxide slurry pumps and other processing equipment and Titanium black will get more titanium dioxide and carbon black pigment intermediates and high-grade new fire-retardant materials manufacturer concerned, it can be quite optimistic about sales prospects. With the domestic titanium dioxide special grinding equipment manufacturing technology continues to break through, show his face more and more market opportunities. According to China's development potential as well as its own technology development momentum of view, before long time, I plant milled titanium dioxide processing equipment is expected to achieve dramatic improvements in quality, or even replace the imported equipment can to a certain extent. At that time, Hao Star Titanium mill HS JM-W ... -2 series, titanium dioxide colloid pump HS JM-P ... -2 series after the titanium dioxide processing equipment into the bright future of the widely used.
    Attachment: laboratory colloid mill, pilot-type colloid mill, industrial colloid mill for grinding preparation, which could involve issues of major equipment speed grinder, colloid mill has eight roles, one mixing function, and second, high shear Cut function, the third is emulsification mixing function Fourth, Fifth, decentralized function, Six is ??broken function, seven homogeneous function, eight are grinding function. This requires us to realize how their different functions in industrial production. German IKN industrial equipment from lab products to industrial equipment on the use of its unique design and method of calculation of line speed, a good solution to this problem. Colostrum preparation process as well as the generation of the bubble problem, uneven heat transfer problems emulsified oil slick, separation problems and so can make the appropriate handle.
    Hao Xing Machinery Manufacturing of fluid and semi-fluid industrial equipment in the world have successful applications and solutions.
    Horizontal Colloid Mill Colloid Mill JTM80-500 industrialization, split colloid mill, colloid mill pipeline, closed colloid mill and high shear homomixer versatile grinding unit - Automatic colloid mill (automatic control module comprises PH value , temperature, speed, flow, cycle, timing, quantitative, reflux and other systems) is designed for colloidal solution, suspension emulsion production design, especially those that require excellent emulsification and dispersion of colloidal production. JTM80; JTM100; JTM120; JTM140; JTM180; JTM-200; JTM250; JTM320; JTM400; JTM400; JTM500 high linear velocity, shear gap is very small, so that when the material passed, the frictional force is relatively intense, The result is commonly referred to as wet grinding. Stator and rotor is made conical shape with finesse ascending three, TM180; JTM-200; JTM250; JTM320; JTM400; JTM400; JTM500 promoted to four jagged protrusions and recesses. The stator can be unlimited and adjusted to the desired distance between the rotor. In the enhanced fluid turbulence groove in each level can change direction. High quality surface finish and structural materials to meet the various requirements of different industries. Three, four wrong tooth structure grinding rotor (special can be upgraded to five - nine grinding rotor wrong tooth structure to be customized), with the precision of the stator chamber. You can achieve better high shear, vibration frequency, dispersion, mixing, crushing, emulsifying, homogenizing, wet milling process with multifunctional effect.

    Colloid Mill Application: Food industry: dairy products, aloe, pineapple, sesame, tea, ice cream, moon cake stuffing, butter, jam, fruit juice, soybeans, soybean paste, red bean paste, peanut milk, protein milk, soy milk, dairy products, wheat milk fine, flavor, variety of drinks. Chemical industry: paints, pigments, dyes, paints, oil, grease, diesel, petroleum catalyst, emulsified asphalt, adhesives, detergents, plastics, glass, steel, leather, emulsification. Daily Chemical: toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, shoe polish, senior cosmetics, bath essence, soap, balsam etc. Pharmaceutical industry: various types of syrup, nutrition, medicine, poultice, biological products, cod liver oil, pollen, royal jelly, vaccines, various creams, a variety of oral, injection, intravenous fluid. Construction industry: a variety of coatings. Including interior and exterior paint, waterproof anti-corrosion coating, cold porcelain paint, colorful paint, ceramic glaze. Other industries: plastic industry, textile industry, paper industry, coal flotation agent, nano-materials, fire-retardant materials, coating pulp, synthetic leather, wallpaper, cloth, titanium dioxide, titanium white pulp, adhesive, glue, etc. industry environmental quality production.
    Device Class: chemical grade, health Class I, Class II health, sterile grade, titanium dioxide, food-grade
    Motor Type: general motors, variable frequency motor speed, explosion-proof motor, frequency conversion explosion-proof motor
    Power Selection: 380V / 50HZ, 220V / 60HZ, 415V / 50HZ
    Motor Option: PTC thermal protection, IP45-66 protection, noise reduction
    Colloid mill Material: SUS304, SUS316L, SUS316Ti, alloy steel
    Colloid mill Optional: tank, drain valve, inverter, electric control boxes, dolly
    Colloid Mill Finish: polished, honed, abrasion treatment
    Importers link: flange, screw, clamps, quick union

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