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  • Pneumatic slurry pump

    產品概況: 氣動漿料泵(打漿泵)由二個筒體組成,分別裝有進氣閥、吸漿閥、排漿閥,壓縮氣體依次通過氣動柱塞式筒體氣動裝置,應用壓縮空氣與排氣后的壓差往復運行,帶動連桿上的氣動漿料泵上活塞使之進行吸、排漿料的一種氣動泵浦, 具有絕對防爆特性的氣動漿料泵。氣動泵…

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        Hao Stars JQB-type pneumatic plunger slurry pump series (referred to as: pneumatic slurry pumps, pneumatic pumps, slurry pumps, also known as: pneumatic pump inserted barrel pump, pneumatic pump plunger-type explosion-proof plug barrel, oil drum pump, pneumatic piston pump, pneumatic piston pump, pneumatic pump thick, pneumatic reciprocating pump, pneumatic pump sealant, pneumatic pump pump, pneumatic pump explosion-proof stainless steel, leather, spray pumps, high viscosity slurry pump, pneumatic pump, beating feed pump) is widely used in artificial leather, leather transfer film, rolling leather, color-coated, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, coatings, chemicals, textiles, painting, spraying, thin-film aluminum, color-coated steel tile, ink, daily chemical, sanitation, minerals, plastics additives, intermediates, PU foam, PVC, organic solvents and other areas of industry, low, medium and high viscosity liquid conveying. Apply to medium high viscosity (VIS) ≤ 12 Wan CPS/25 ℃ stock solution of chemical pulp and other materials, this pump has explosion-proof, anti-precipitation, corrosion-resistant, durable, low noise, energy saving, small size, light weight, easy to operation, stability and other functions, is a very good mobile transportation equipment.
        Hao Stars JQB Pneumatic pulp pump products are made to introduce foreign advanced technology development, the working principle of the role of differential pressure is used to run up and down the piston to drive the piston opening and closing guide material, played the role of the mentioned materials. Adjustments to the pneumatic slurry pumps working gas flow and pressure to control and regulate the feed flow of pneumatic pumps. Combination of sensor switch can automate work processes. 

    Structure Description:

    1, cylinder

    2, intake valve

    3, spring

    4, spring

    5, piston

    6, exhaust pipe

    7, ventilation tube

    8, sealing base

    9, sealing cover

    10, slurry cylinder

    11, feed port

    12, slurry piston

    13, feed Ball

    14, ball

    15, connecting rod

    16, slurry pipe

    17, discharge port

    18, fuel valve

    19, release valve


    HAO SINOSTARS Pneumatic pulp pump (plunger) JQB series
    chart a

    1, first of all, should ensure that pneumatic tubing (compressed gas supply pipe) to connect comply with the requirement to stabilize the atmospheric pressure to reach 0.5 ~ 1.5MPa range, and pneumatic pipe firmly connected to the pneumatic slurry pump inlet nozzle, the time lubricating oil into the cup, after tightening, the pneumatic pump slurry material guide tube (suction port) to be delivered right into the drums (or other container materials pools) attached. 
    2, the corrosion-resistant discharge hose connection port connected to the feeding place.
    3, pneumatic slurry pump into the valve was closed, and then connected into the gas supply pipe valve connector. When you get started sliding the control valve should be opened and closed repeatedly tested until no abnormal, according to the required slurry flow to open the intake valve to regulate the pneumatic slurry pumps operating frequency, you can operate the work.

    1, Hao Star Air slurry pumps work, the pump inlet nozzle front pneumatic tube on the road must be installed air filters, oil mist device so that in the best working condition.
    2, Hao Star pneumatic slurry pumps in use, leakage occurs at the oil cup oil cup pulp should be tightened, such as the twist in the end there is leakage after the oil cups can be removed, together with gasket 2 reload .
    3, Hao Star pneumatic slurry pump in the cleaning, the first suction device removed, then the cylinder and the suction pipe break open, to mention moving the plunger (piston) from the suction tube cleaning out the bottom.

    1, Hao Star pneumatic slurry pump during use to prevent the collision cylinder parts to avoid the distortion occurred pneumatic plunger (piston) card, the phenomenon of death, resulting in failure or resulting in serious scrapped.
    2, Hao Star Air slurry pump pneumatic plunger (piston) is running more than one million times, according to the process air compressor aspirated water accumulates in the situation should be clear cylinder, coated note 30 # high-quality lubricating oil.
    3, Hao Star JQB Pneumatic pulp pump, such as prolonged unused, should be working in a solvent-like cleaning, to prevent the slurry to freeze, blocking the feeding tube and have problems.

    Hao JQB Pneumatic conveying slurry pump can be acid, alkali, salt, oil, beverages, plastic additives, polyester, polymers and other media, particularly as applied to chemicals, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, dyes chemical, environmental protection, water processing, medicine, food and other industries.
    Hao JQB Pneumatic pulp pump, also known as pneumatic plug barrel pump (oil drums pump, leather slurry pumps, slurry pumps is expected to play) instead of importing slurry pumps for artificial leather production of wet and dry preparation must not be the lack of transportation equipment and other industrial sectors Tu Taiwan slurry conveyor is designed with explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, durable, anti-precipitation, energy saving, low noise, small size, light weight, easy operation, good stability, mobile conveyor is located, etc. characteristics.

    Performance parameters:

    Model Specification






    Operating Temperature(℃)


    Use of air pressure(MPa)


    Transport flow(T/h)






    Output pressure(MPa)


    Conveying viscosity(CP.S)


    Cylinder Piston stroke(mm)






    Total length of pump












    Notes: Hao Stars JQB type Pneumatic pulp pump is ideal for low, medium and high viscosity medium, dry, wet leather-synthetic leather pulp production line automatic transmission, and other fuel, and other media delivery. Customized for various types of interface and access to pump connection pipe size

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