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  • Professional Achievement Quality

    Customer first, quality-oriented

    Thanks to all customers for their trust

    • We rely on the principle of "integrity"! Solve problems for customers anytime, anywhere, at the same time, provide regular personnel training and technical lectures for customers, provide customers with the configuration and bidding scheme services required by various projects, and provide customers with perfect market protection measures. We always regard the interests of customers as our own interests. As long as customers need us, we will serve you perfectly. This is our service tenet!
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    Zhejiang Hao Star Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd all rights reserved Tel:0086-577-86999999, 86830999(Selling Centre) Fax:0086-577-86827859

    地址:No. 696, Binhai fifth road, Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, China.

    Technical Support: YouGoo Zhejiang ICP No. 10014633-5