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        Automotive Refinishing Coating

        A different choice,brings you higher benefits

        We focus on resolving the real challenges in Collision shops and deliver a Speedy, Reliable and Saving Paint solution.


        Our system is designed for using friendly. Every painter will like it after simple training. And it helps shop owners to control cost and improve efficiency.



        - Color match by AI tech Spectrometer

        - 2 hours lighting speed quick repair system

        - super cure clear, 10mins no baking


        - First class materials and quality control

        - Choice of 4000+ dealerships

        - OEMs certificated, Life time Warranty


        - Saving waste during color matching,

        - Saving spray layers by high coverage basecoat

        - Saving 40% Application time by SRS system

        onwings solvent refinish
        onwaves waterbone refinish

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